Hello! I've been working as a software developer and architect for 10+ years with duties ranging from system administration and building custom WordPress plugins to building and maintaining a suite of Angular libraries.

I also love building pipelines and will readily geek out over automation.


NAIC - Luminary Award

Issued by Steve McKinzie - Manager Software Engineering - August 2022

For a very successful cross-team collaboration to accomplish a company-wide goal.
Kansas City Developer Conference - Featured Project

Presented by Michael Kobush - Sr. Software Performance Engineer - August 2022

Developed project used as subject of the talk "Shift Left SLOs to Automate Release Validation in Pre-Production".

Issued by Andy Beal - COO - April 2019

For outstanding contribution to a long term project.


National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) | Kansas City, MO
Sr. Software Engineer I | February 2018 – Present

  • Co-lead project to improve team CI/CD with features and enhancements that were utilized company-wide.
  • Extensive pipeline development with Bash, Python, Docker, AWS S3, and Kubernetes.
  • Helped document and lead demonstrations educating team members on CI/CD process.
  • Lead project to integrate performance testing into CI/CD pipeline featured at KCDC 2022.
  • Helped spearhead DevOps initiatives that were bleeding edge to the company.
  • Department SME (Subject Matter Expert) on Angular architecture and best practices.
  • Set department standards for Angular development.
  • Developed a suite of NPM packages to be consumed by department Angular apps.
  • Founding member of the NAIC UI Committee to help set company-wide standards for user experience.
  • Lead team workshops teaching best practices around Angular unit tests, state management, and accessibility.
  • Lead projects to help keep Angular applications up-to-date using best practices.
  • Lead projects to help team's Maven projects stay secure and up-to-date.

Motion Constrained | Laporte, CO
Web Developer and System Administrator | January 2017 – Present

  • Automate inventory sync between two ecommerce stores.
  • Create and maintain Angular micro frontend to boost interactivity of ecommerce store.
  • Clean and modern redesign of company ecommerce stores with responsive styling fixes.
  • Monitor sales, security, updates, and general activity.
  • SEO and site speed optimization.
  • Front and backend code refactoring.
  • General IT work at warehouse site before moving in August 2017 (workstation maintenance,
  • employee file, message, and password management).

TriCom Technical Services | Kansas City, MO
Contractor | August 2017 - February 2018

  • Contract-to-hire for NAIC.
  • Brought on to create new applications written in Angular and microservices in Spring Boot/Java EE.

VisFire | Fort Collins, CO
Website Development and Marketing Specialist | July 2013 – December 2016

  • Performed diagnostic site repair and maintenance, as well as new feature development for dozens of clients.
  • Worked remotely 40 hours per week while attending school providing reliable and punctual technical support for clients.
  • Client-side and server-side development with WordPress, Drupal, and various ecommerce content management systems (Magento, CS-Cart, NetSuite).
  • Played a key role in many marketing campaigns consisting of promotions through social media, email campaigns, and search engine optimization.

Freelance Software / Web Development | Fort Collins, CO
Consultant | March 2013 – Present

  • Designed, built, and deployed dozens of websites and ecommerce stores on different platforms.
  • Set up hosting, domain registration/transfer/DNS records along with email.
  • Helped transition digital assets between companies.
  • Help various clients establish a web presence by setting up social media accounts and company websites.
  • Mastered the art of managing client expectations, anticipating questions, prioritizing transparency, and effectively communicating to business owners.


Regularly attend and participate in:


Colorado State University | Fort Collins, CO
Computer Science | Fall 2013 – Fall 2016

Additional Independent Learning

  • I'm frequently taking online courses (PluralSight, Udemy, etc) to expand my knowledge into different areas and sharpen the skills I already have.
  • I attend workshops as often as I can. Favorite workshop attended: “Advanced Angular: Architecture and Concepts with Dan Wahlin and John Papa”.
  • Frequently deep diving into various topics.